Minggu, 04 Juli 2010

Tears Words

no one who can I trust
no one can say honestly to me
no one who can stop these tears
no one can help me
nobody ..
no ..

all the people I know are liars
all the people I know can not help me
all the people I know are always busy with their affairs
so they do not know ..
I'm screaming at their sides

I still can think about them
what do they do?
what they feel today?
so the mind exhausted from thinking of them this

when I listen to music
I cried
remember all
all existing
all that has happened
I'd sacrifice this feeling
but they only want to think a little
whether because they are too genius?

along with the ticking clock
with the sound of slow songs
in the night air blow
I sleep
a moment to forget everything
and start thinking
whether they will begin to understand me if I die?
or not forever?

-This ..
not for one person
not for one group
but ..
This for you all,
who ever lied to me
who ever made me cry
who ever made me hurt -

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