Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Indonesia Tears

Indonesia gets a natural disaster
not just one
but many
It all makes the Indonesian people grieve

Mount Merapi erupted in yogyakarta..

falling victim
they were buried with no name, no family

those who survived went to evacuate, save lives, save families

if this hands could talk, perhaps this hand will be screaming in pain

not only in yogyakarta
natural disasters are also in Mentawai
tsunami ..

destroy the hopes of the people of Mentawai

their home wa
s gone
Tsunami waves washed away..

These children can only scream and cry
when where they sleep, play, and learn quickly lost

there are more natural disasters
makes the sad feelings
loods and landslides in Wasior, Papua

hi my family
help our families who are trouble there
they need our help

give some of the money that we have
or just pray for them

at least they will come back smiling
when they see th
eir family care


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